Seth, I hope you have this one on your list! Ryan Woodward's animation of Thought of You by the Weepies. It is the most beautiful music video I have ever seen. Be sure to also watch The Making of Video on this same page. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GemDb1

For reference: Ryan Woodward has worked on video games, films (Iron Giant, Spiderman, Quest for Camelot & more) and is an art professor. A truly great, passionate, hardworking talent who loves to share his artwork, inspiration, and passion with his students.

P.S. Since you're still on the bird site, can you please let Ryan know the links to his personal site (the one in his bio on Twitter) & his company bottom-of-the-ninth sites don't work?! The only one that works is his FB & his newer artstation site (link above). I'd tell him myself but deleted my bird site account months ago & can't find him anywhere else where I can let him know about this, (links on his YouTube channel "About" page don't work either -- except his FB & Twitter ones, please let him know that, too). Thank you!

And, thank you for this interesting series to RETRO!

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